Information for giving good accommodation


Starting college may be the first time you live away from home. It’s an exciting prospect, but there’s plenty to consider when thinking about where you should live. immerse yourself in study. You’ll often want to be close to like-minded students, or friends you enjoy relaxing with. Sometimes you’ll simply want to head home to a space where you feel comfortable. This also means you’ll be living within a community where you can feel secure and confident that support is on hand if you need it. Whatever it is you’re looking for, our dedicated team is here to help.

Living on campus is one of the most fun experiences you can have as a student. But this is only when your environment is clean, comfortable and provides you all the essential amenities. At AMC, we have hostel facilities that are best-in-class, budget-friendly and the envy of our day scholars.

The hostel can easily accommodate 700 students. There are separate blocks for boys and girls. The boys’ hostel can accommodate 500 boys and the girls’ hostel can accommodate 200 girls. Each room is furnished with the essentials, a good-sized bed, a study table, and storage space for your belongings. Your surroundings are always clean and hygienic. There is also plenty of natural light and fresh air in each room, this makes your time spent in the room pleasant and enjoyable.

The food offered here is planned to keep diet, nutrition, and your taste buds in mind. Each meal is made fresh in our state-of-the-art hygienic kitchens. Students get timely breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner in popular cuisines like South Indian, Continental, Mughlai, North Indian, and Tandoori. There is also a Canteen and Cafe on campus from where you can buy food too. Everything that you buy on campus comes at very affordable rates, you stand to save more by living on campus than off-campus. There are a lot of fun events to look forward to that the hostel students plan and celebrate such as Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, Food Festival, Independence Day and Hostel Day.

Best Practices

  • Anti–Ragging Squad
  • Mentoring And Mental Health Counselling
  • Health And Hygiene – Continuous Quality Monitoring
  • Green And Pollution-free Environment Is Maintained At All Times
  • Quality Food Ensured (There Is A Special Inspection Committee)
  • Food Made With Organic Produce Grown On Campus
  • Well Maintained Spacious Dining Hall
  • Additional Pantry & Kitchen Facility
  • Regular Communication With Parents
  • Sickroom Facilities During An Emergency

Recreational Facilities for Students

  • Modern Gym With An Expert Trainer Recreational Room For Yoga
  • Fun Food Stalls And Truck
  • 24×7 High-speed Wi-fi Internet Facility TV And Audio Room
  • Sports Complex (Indoor – Chess, Table Tennis)
  • Sports Complex (Outdoor – Volleyball, Throwball, Cricket, Badminton, Football)
  • Periodic Adventure Tours
  • Reading Room With Newspapers And Magazines Waiting Lounge For Visitors And Parents
  • Special Rooms For Parents To Stay
  • Hot Water Facility
  • RO Filtered Drinking Water
  • 24×7 Security & Power