M.Tech.- VLSI


The basics and engineering aspects of designing and implementing IC-based systems will be covered in the VLSI and Embedded Systems M.Tech programme. Material science and electrical engineering have traditionally come together successfully in VLSI technology. Modern VLSI technology necessitates both physical device research and innovative electrical circuit design and development. Hands-on experience creating semiconductor devices, circuits, architectural systems using embedded components such the CPU, memory, and peripherals is the core of the programme. Students will learn about a wide range of topics, ranging from physical devices to application development, beginning at the lowest level.

Career Opportunities

  • Developer Embedded
  • Test Engineer Embedded
  • Embedded C Developer
  • Principal SW Development Engineer
  • Assistant Engineer
  • System Analyst
  • Embedded OS Developer

Typical Course Content

The VLSI program will focus on the development of hands-on skills in designing semiconductor devices and circuits, architecting systems using embedded components such as CPU, memory and peripherals. Students will learn several topics that cut across different domains, starting from the lowest level of physical devices to the top level of application development. Students will learn CMOS VLSI Design, SOC Design, Advanced Embedded Systems, VLSI Design and Verification, Design of Analog and Mixed-Mode VLSI circuits, Real- Time OS, Advanced Microcontrollers, Low-Power VLSI Design and more.

The AMC Difference

AMC is one of the best engineering institutes in Bangalore.

In addition, it has been accepted and recognised by all of India’s leading educational agencies like AICTE, UGC, NBA, and NAAC.

In addition to classroom instruction, the academic calendar is filled with Workshops, Seminars, Projects, Tech events, Guest lectures, Competitions and contests, and Field trips.

As a result of these gatherings, students get the opportunity to network with some of the brightest minds in business and academia.

One of its most impressive features is its 54 acres of lush greenery that includes modern classrooms, fully equipped labs, and an inviting atmosphere.

It provides you with the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and skills of forward-thinking professors who are dedicated to helping you succeed in the workplace.

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