Leadership Team

Spend your next few years studying at a center of intensive scholarship and taking advantage of our multidimensional academic experience.


Dr. K.R. Paramahamsa


Dr. K.R. Paramahamsa is a progressive thinker with a vision to develop educational institutions that deliver quality education in an excellent academic environment from Primary to Research level.

He has a Doctorate degree and MBA from California University, USA. He has a Post Graduate Diploma in Epigraphy, Post Graduate Diploma in Labour Laws Management from IITC-Mumbai and LLB from Bangalore University adding value to his academic profile.

He is a former member of Academic Council and Senate of Bangalore University, former Member of High Power Committee on higher education, Government of Karnataka, former Member of Ecology and Environment, Department of Forest, Govt. of Karnataka, Member of Bangalore Management Association, and he also holds a Membership of All India Management Association.

He is driven by the passion to help meritorious students achieve their full potential.


Dr. K.R. Paramahamsa | Chairman | AMC Engineering College

Mrs. Geetha Paramahamsa

Vice Chairperson

Mrs. K. Geetha Paramahamsa, is the pivot of the whole institutional structure which stems the stellar philosophy of AMC Group of Institutions, making the Institution a destination for excellence in education, research and consultancy. A self made and vibrant individual, she is also a passionate socio academic donor. Mrs. Geetha Paramahamsa has been in the vanguard, passionately steering the group of institutions on to the uncharted realms of success.

Her dynamic, open, humble and democratic style of leadership propels the group and inspires the budding professionals. Her mission is to deliver value based education to the students and make them competent with a distinct power to match the global standards. Her proactive policies and innovative ideas inhale sustainable life into the institutions and strengthen human transformation.


Mrs. Geetha Paramahamsa | Vice Chairperson | AMC Engineering College

Ms. Monica Kalluri

Vice President

Committed to student-centered education, Ms. K Monica is a visionary who holds a Bachelor of Management degree from Brunel University, London. She is a MBA from London South Bank University, UK. She has also completed a certificate course on Corporate Governance from Harvard University, USA.

With her exceptional business acumen, she looks forward to making her institutions top class and at par with leading educational institutions of the world


Ms. Monica Kalluri | Vice President | AMC Engineering College

Mr. Rahul Kalluri

Executive Vice President

Insightful, inventive and inspiring in his approach, Mr. K. Rahul infuses fresh energy and vigour to the institutions he is associated with. He holds a Bachelor in Engineering degree from Warwick University, USA. He has completed his M.S from University College of London, UK. He has also done a Certificate Course on Entrepreneurship & Management from Stanford University, USA.

He is driven by the idea of leveraging technology to solve complex problems with a broader impact on society. With his excellent managerial skills, he looks forward to building educational institutions that blend global trends with Indian values.


Mr. Rahul Kalluri | Executive Vice President | AMC Engineering College
Message from Director

Dr. K. Mallikharjuna Babu

We expect students to possess curiosity, learning ability, exploratory mindset, willingness to adapt, to try new things, in order to be transformed into competent and confident engineers.

To perform well, student should have the ability to recall facts and basic concepts. In addition, students must develop capabilities to produce new or original work, evaluate and justify decisions, draw connections among ideas, extrapolate data and apply it in new situations, gain the ability to explain ideas and concepts.

We believe, our curriculum is our strength. Talking about the curriculum, the following aspects help us differentiate from the competition:

  • Experiential Learning: The faculty at AMC Engineering College (AMCEC) focus on imparting experiential learning through innovative teaching-learning methods. Students are given individual attention to capture their interests, and map the same with skills are being taught during their formative stages of study.
  • Practice-based Learning: At AMCEC, we have sophisticated labs in every engineering program offered. We believe that engineers shall undergo continuous skill development (psychomotor skills). Industry collaborations, center of excellence, and compulsory internships are some of the activities we do to skill up the students.

Student Projects: The student projects at AMCEC are given a special impetus. High standards are expected from the student projects. We insist that the student projects are being undertaken must have real and societal relevance.

Dr. K. Mallikharjuna Babu | Director | AMC Engineering College
Message from the Principal

Dr. Girisha C

At AMC, we teach students to have strong, open, and wise minds that can learn from everywhere, both inside and outside of the classroom, during the undergraduate programme and for a long time afterward. This gives our students a powerful mindset of never-ending personal and professional growth, which prepares them to leave a lasting mark on society.

The way we teach is based on the process, and the lecturer gives you a lot of room to explore opportunities in the real world. You get a good grasp of real-world problems and learn just as much, if not more, than you would through traditional teaching. AMC also gives you the freedom to learn, but it does so within a framework that gives you discipline and structure to help you learn.


Dr. Girisha C | Principal | AMC Engineering College